2017 Awards Submission

This recognition program honors outstanding single user mobile, browser and virtual reality titles that deliver a high quality of engagement as well as measurable assessment elements in one of the following industry sectors: Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Education, Museum/Visitor Center or Other

The deadline for the 2017 International Serious Play Awards submissions in the professional category is April 1. The deadline for student entries is May 1.

At this time, we do not have the capacity to judge multi-user games, simulations requiring high end platforms, PC, streaming or Kinect games.

You will need to provide access to the game for five judges. This access must be available through the date of the conference in July.  If we need to purchase 5 games in order to judge your entry, you will be invoiced for those purchases.

Upon submission, you will be immediately redirected to PayPal for payment of the entry fee, which covers our costs of administration, required for award entry consideration.


At this time, we can only evaluate digital games on platforms commonly used in educational environments. We cannot evaluate games on the basis of a video.