International Serious Play Award Programs

International Serious Play Awards honor outstanding commercial and student titles used for education or training. We have two separate award programs:

  • Digital Learning Games
  • Board Game Learning Games

Entry categories include: Corporate/Vocational; Healthcare/Medical; Local and State Government/Military; PreK Education; K-12 Education; Higher Education; Museum/Visitor Centers; Other

Board Game Learning Games Program. Entries in the International Serious Play Awards for Board Games are due January 15.

To submit a Board game, click here.

Digital Games Award Program. The deadline for the 2019 International Serious Play Awards for Digital Games in the Professional category is February 15.

The deadline for Student created digital game entries is May 15.  The definition of a student digital game is one that was conceived by students and produced with light guidance by college faculty or high school advisors.  Games produced in a university-affiliated studio for sale to the commercial market must be entered into the Professional category.

To submit a Digital game, click here.

To submit a Student Digital game, click here.