WORKSHOP: Lecture vs Consumption: How to Really Engage Learners

WORKSHOP: Lecture vs Consumption: How to Really Engage Learners

Melanie Martinelli, L&D Coach / Co-Founder, The Learning GymTrack 1 CORP/NP/MIL/GOVT

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The biggest hurdle in the way of organizations creating cultures of learning and innovation is the over emphasis on superstar facilitators standing in the front of the room armed with content-heavy PowerPoint slide decks telling learners the important of the information and how to apply it to their jobs and life. This approach simply hasn't proven effective at achieving the purpose of training - creating a behavioural change in employees which will result in business results.

This session is focused on helping L&D professionals transform their participants into fully engaged learners. You'll discover how to convert passive learners into active doers who take charge of their own learning and create retention of this learning for themselves and others. You will discover how applying the 8 guiding principles of Accelerated Learning to your lesson design and classroom delivery will transform your classroom (virtual or in-person) from trainer-centric to learner-centric.

In this workshop you will experience several Accelerated Learning activities that perfectly demonstrate learning as creation by the learners not consumption of information shared by the facilitator. You will

- receive a fun 8 AL principle Jobaid
- leave with lots of simple / low-tech ideas on how to transform traditional presentations to learner engaging content and techniques
- discover what it takes to help participants unlock their full learning ability
- unlock ideas on how to make learning fun for you and for your learners
- get encouraged to "steal" our activity ideas and use them for your own programs

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am