Stress Storm/New Norm: How Role-Playing Sims Can Help

Stress Storm/New Norm: How Role-Playing Sims Can Help

Susan Rivers, Executive Director and Chief Scientist, iThrive Games FoundationTrack 1 CORP/NP/MIL/GOVT

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Role-playing simulations have the potential to assist human resources/organizational development professionals in spotting opportunities for coaching and support of people managers. The ability to practice social and emotional skills such as self-management, emotional awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision making under stress is necessary for a healthy culture and optimal performance. Being able to observe how leaders perform under stress is a high value opportunity provided by role-playing simulations. Using iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance, presenters will share how a role-playing simulation can be used both to observe stress behaviors, assist people managers in identifying and working with their stress response, and provide opportunities for coaching to improve how staff members manage themselves and others.

Attendees will learn:
- How organizations can use role-playing simulations, paired with coaching, can promote opportunities for professional growth.
- A rubric for mapping social and emotional competencies back to organizational culture.
- How stress and change impact individual and team performance, and how training with role-playing simulations can mitigate impact during crises

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am