PANEL: Growing Demand for Educators Trained in Immersive VR

PANEL: Growing Demand for Educators Trained in Immersive VR

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Founder, Director, Educators in VR; Chris Madsen, Andrew DaytonTrack 3 HIGHER ED

Moderator: Daniel Dyboski-Bryant
Founder, Director
Educators in VR

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Panelists: Chris Madsen

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Andrew Dayton

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Education was already challenged by fast fast changing needs of learners; Technology was already providing solutions and platforms and new models of learning; Research on VR for education was already compelling; add to all of that the multiplier and accelerator of the Covid-19 pandemic and we find ourselves being shot forward into a landscape where educators trained in skilfully integrating VR into their provision are in greatly increasing demand.

Who will train these educators? What training, courses, qualifications, standards, policies are required to provide this new workforce with the support and guidance they need to do our young and adult learners justice? What challenges do we face and what opportunities might we exploit? And how this rapid disruption affect how and *where* we learn?

If we are to prepare our learners for a fluid, fast-paced future, we need to embrace new solutions and approaches. Immersive VR is only just getting started, but there is still a lot of work to do. One huge task is to - train the trainers.

You will gain an understanding of where VR for education currently stands - what it can and can't yet realistically deliver; what's around the corner and what is further off in the distance.

You will learn about key initiatives that are working to build the infrastructure required to service this rapidly emerging sector.

You will learn about key resources and organisations in this space to help point you in the right direction for more information.

You will gain an appreciation of the key challenges and opportunities that VR for Education presents.

You will learn about how you can get involved and how you can support drive these initiatives.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am