Moving Educational Tabletop Design into the Digital Realm

Moving Educational Tabletop Design into the Digital Realm

Michelle Goodridge, Liaison Librarian, Wilfrid Laurier UniversityTrack 3 HIGHER ED

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This session will explore taking a traditionally analog game design component presented to university students in education into the digital realm.

This partnership between an academic librarian at a Canadian institution and a faculty member in education took students through the process of designing meaningful games for their future classrooms using available technology during the pandemic. This session not only will offer discussion on the merits of the activity in general, but also how to facilitate a traditionally analog workshop online.

The workshop was designed to teach the principles of game design and inspire participants to develop a game to teach literary terminology. Topics covered include accessible game design, adapting literary works to games, the importance of playtesting, and designing games to support curriculum.

Given our current climate, we had to adapt the workshop for the digital environment, while maintaining the approachability of creating analog games versus the somewhat involved process of digital game design. We ran the workshop twice and hope to share our successes, challenges and knowledge to inspire others."

Attendees will hopefully walk away inspired to experiment with bringing traditionally analog components into their online learning. We also hope that this inspires folks who are in the business of educating our future educators or are educators themselves to explore ways to use games in curriculum.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am