Immersive VR Trainings for Medical Education

Immersive VR Trainings for Medical Education

Michael Barrie, Emergency Physician, Medical Oversight Board Member, SimXRoom TBD

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This online workshop will run live in FrameVR, a multi-user WebGL platform. Attendees will explore VR art & design history and theory. They will create small scale poetic artworks that will expand their understanding of the virtual and gain skills needed to run similar events for their own communities. All assets and imagery used in the workshop will be shared.

No prior experience in VR, coding, or modeling is needed. VR headsets are helpful, but not required.

Attendees will get repurposeable text and imagery from the discussion of 30+ years of VR art & design history. They will receive or have access to all models and supporting elements used in the workshop, including tutorial videos. The session closes with an open brainstorming session that allows exploration of their specific hopes and concerns.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am