PANEL: Exploring Accessible Game Design for All Children

PANEL: Exploring Accessible Game Design for All Children

Wendy Sapp, Director of Research, Bridge Multimedia, Michelle Chen, Senior Producer Kids Media and Education, WNET, Mylo Lam, Assistant Content Director, PBS KIDS Digital, Loren Lee-Flynn, Lead UX/UI Designer, FableVision StudiosRoom TBD

Wendy Sapp

Director of Research
Bridge Multimedia
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Michelle Chen
Senior Producer
Kids Media and Education at WNET
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Mylo Lam
Assistant Content Director
PBS KIDS Digital
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Loren Lee-Flynn
Lead UX/UI Designer
FableVision Studios
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Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities to games is a challenging but worthwhile endeavor. If we start with accessibility at the forefront of the development process, we simplify the process of including all children as potential users. The panel presenters represent the team members who envisioned, designed and programmed a fully accessible, online educational game, Echo Explorers, which is available for free at and the PBS KIDS Games App.

Part of the award-winning PBS KIDS math adventure series, Cyberchase, the game is designed to be accessible to children with a range of disabilities including blindness/low vision, deafness/hard of hearing, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, motor impairments, and more.

Through this presentation, we will explain the process we used to create Echo Explorers, including its conception, iterative feedback from numerous experts, and continuous playtesting sessions. We will discuss characteristics of the game's design and setting options that could enhance the opportunities for a child with a disability to play online games. We will share suggestions for game developers who are interested in incorporating accessibility into their future games. Designing games for children with disabilities leads to designing games for all children.

All attendees will receive a Game Developers' Guide for Accessibility.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am