Digital Escape Rooms As An Assessment Tool

Digital Escape Rooms As An Assessment Tool

Lily Moayeri, Teacher & Librarian, Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles Unified School DistrictRoom TBD

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I would be presenting the creation and application of digital escape rooms both as a learning tool and an assessment tool, using examples and results from our professional experiences, and showing how educators can make their own.

As the teacher librarian at Lincoln High School, I offered our faculty a pre-made Harry Potter Digital Escape Room during Banned Books Week. This digital escape room incorporated library skills as well as history, geography, mathematics, among other disciplines.

Many of our teachers used the digital escape room with their students (and their own offspring) and some of them went on to create their own: a biology instructor as a learning tool and a math instructor as an assessment tool. I assisted the latter with hers and found it both engaging and rigorous.

Students were surprised at the level of difficulty of digital escape rooms, but also enjoyed the diversion and unexpectedness of the activity. They did ask me for more like it.

The audience will come away with samples of digital escape rooms as well as applications.
They will also be directed to pre-made escape rooms, sites that are geared toward creating digital escape rooms and how to create digital escape rooms using Google Forms.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am