Designing Effective Games for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Designing Effective Games for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kevin Millar, Senior Vice President, Creative & Medical Science, INVIVO CommunicationsTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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In the demanding world of pharmaceutical education and promotion, being able to capture and hold a physician's attention is key. Serious games have become a powerful tool that encompass a spectrum of activities, including defined goals, a set of rules and a feedback system to assess whether goals are being achieved.

Through case studies, this presentation will demonstrate the variety of ways in which serious games are being used to engage with physicians. We will explain how mechanics, drivers, and dynamics can make content more memorable for a healthcare professional audience. We will also describe the important role that storytelling, clinical data and patient scenarios can play in improving medical knowledge, motivation, and skills.

The session will also identify how to choose the right platform for your medical game, whether it be touchscreen, web-based, or even mixed reality. Based on the current conference environment, we will show how we have made the shift from live in-person events to the deployment in the virtual setting.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am