Creating Immersive Augmented Reality Applications for Learning

Creating Immersive Augmented Reality Applications for Learning

Maria Harrington, Assistant Professor, University of Central FloridaTrack 6 VIRTUAL REALITY/MOBILE

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The talk will demonstrate an immersive, multimodal, interactive augmented reality application, The AR Perpetual Garden App, free to all attendees.

This app is unique as it is a data visualization at true world scale, and a virtual diorama open to exploration and learning inside or outside. Participants will be able to download and install the AR app on their Apple or Android devices and use it in the session. Short video clips, showing high user-learner engagement, embodiment, and presence, will be shown from an informal learning UCF IRB approved research study conducted in the Hall of Botany at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History over the summer of 2019. Data showing increased learning (40%), while no different than the control condition of using a book, survey results, indicating excellent user experiences and emotional outcomes, will be presented, and significant correlations between the AR design features and learning outcomes - what made it work so well - will be covered.

The audience will not only have a new immersive virtual diorama AR app in their pocket, but will gain the skill to create effective informal learning AR apps of their own. The main TakeAway is the knowledge of this "secret sauce." Download the apps here:

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am