Build Meaningful VR STEM Content: Instructors create VR!

Build Meaningful VR STEM Content: Instructors create VR!

Aditya Vishwanath, Co-Founder & CEO, Inspirit (Inspirit Learning, Inc.)Room TBD

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My research at the Stanford VHIL Lab ( and at the Stanford Graduate School of Education focuses on developing technologies that support universal access to immersive learning content. I focus on studying the educational and learning affordances of high-fidelity immersive VR, and very often in our field experiments, we see VR being used a few times in the classroom. My presentation would answer the following questions: How can we align with existing agencies of participants, existing curricula and systems, and existing beliefs about the technology, to support more meaningful and long-term integration? What does it take to bridge the best practices of academic research in VR with practical considerations for making this technology work in a real-world setting?

In our workshop, I will discuss a range of our VR in education research including (1) a storytelling experiment where students created VR movies and stories using 360 cameras on local topics of social justice. (2) Science curriculums in VR and gamifying education, and (3) my work with the Google Education team on bringing Expeditions VR to low-income classrooms in urban India.

We will then conduct a session where attendees will develop and design their own VR STEM lesson on their laptops.

  1. How to bring VR in meaningful ways to their classroom or learning space
  2. Where VR adds value in learning and where it does NOT add value
  3. How gamified VR experiences and student-authored storytelling can deepen the level of engagement with immersive VR
  4. How to align new media technologies with curriculum, standards, and desired outcomes
  5. How to create a STEM VR lesson aligned to their curriculum"
Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am