Assuring Your Game Design Will Have Impact

Assuring Your Game Design Will Have Impact

Rosemary Lokhorst, Project Manager and Producer, The Digging Deep ProjectTrack 5 GAME/INSTRUCTION DESIGN

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For a serious game, knowing your audience takes on a new meaning. Research, real world evidence, trials and other tribulations impact your development so that you may impact the behavior of your players.

Let's assume you are not a huge company with your own research department or big budgets to outsource. How can you ensure that your game is evidence based and even more important acknowledged by your players as playing an important role in their lives?

This talk will take our 5-year journey through researching and impact game design and walk you through not the types of research conducted from simple focus groups to partner-led research and full-blown clinical trials. We will show the difference in the processes and decisions we made because of the outcomes that then impacted the game as it is now.

This is not about the content of the research, but about all things behind the scenes.

It is for people who are curious about the types of different research that can, should and may inform your game design.

The audience will gain insights into the different types of research with practical examples of how it affected product development, marketing and even company strategy.

The audience will gain understanding of what it takes to find players to participate in research, how to manage such research and how to work with partners to build that base of evidence.

We will provide research results and summaries from our project and sample methodologies.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am