A Grantee’s Perspective on How to Apply For, and Win Funding

A Grantee's Perspective on How to Apply For, and Win Funding

Jasminka Criley, CEO, Indelible Learning, Stuart Criley Founder Indelible LearningTrack 7 FUNDING/RESOURCES FOR DEVS

Jasminka Criley
Indelible Learning
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Stuart Criley
Indelible Learning
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Education in healthcare and K-12 schools have both benefited from federal support for innovative research in new technologies.

But even for successful awardees, much of the preliminary work was done with little or no funding.

How can you take an idea for a new learning game or educational technology all the way to commercialization?

This session will describe our challenges, setbacks, and successes from over 20 years in medical education, and over 10 years in K-12 education. From paper prototypes to published software, we will share how to build a team around specific projects, obtain funding, and find a commercial partner.

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am