Attendee Comments

“Serious Play is by and far the premier conference of my year. I get to quite a few perhaps 4 or 5 in the USA in a year and SPC for me has the right mix of size, diversity and intimacy for great value. The caliber of speakers this year was fab and the keynote in Orlando was stellar! There were no sessions where I felt there was nothing that appealed to me. I attended every session and not just in K-12.
You are also getting the balance of female to male so right!”

Bron Stuckey, Consultant, Innovative Educational Ideas, Australia

“Serious Play Conference has been a great venue for us to share and test some of our ideas and best practices. The conference also helps us learn from, connect to, and collaborate with others – contractors, trainers, designers. Serious Play is a unique opportunity to catch up on the latest happenings in the growing field and as a developer to share one’s experiences and
gather input.”

Brad Tanner, CEO, Health Impact Studio

“Such a meaty event. I first attended in 2017 where I was inspired by all the speakers on how serious play could contribute to executive learning. By my second trip in 2018, I had a prototype of our first VR game; the Serious play community tried it out and gave me feedback during the spaces for networking. By 2019, our VR game won a silver medal. We attribute the speed from conception to deployment to the support from the Serious Play Conference Community.”

Claire Masson, Learning Innovation and Impact, Headspring A joint venture of Financial Times | IE Business School

“Compared to all of the other conferences I’ve attended, this seems to have been the one where there were a lot of folks interested in radical change to the status-quo of the education process. I think that outside the box thinking is very much needed in the space.
I’ll highly recommend your events to others!”

Todd Conley, Executive Director | HighSchool.GG

“This conference is the best one i have attended in the U.S. on serious games. It gave me the opportunity to meet thought leaders
from the U.S. and globally.”

David Mawei, Simu4Wisdom, China

“It was a great conference. I attend several each year in areas related to my work and this one was by far the best. I look forward to attending again.”

Mark Lewis, Instructional Designer, Office of Academic Affairs, SUNY Empire State College

“Serious Play Conference has been a great venue for us to share and test some of our ideas and best practices. The conference also helps us learn from, connect to, and collaborate with others, such as contractors, trainers, designers.”

Michael Freeman, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Associate Professor, Defense Analysis Naval Postgraduate School

“At Serious Play, I get to collaborate with people who are making a difference. These are people who are creating and using games to educate and to change behavior across K12, Higher Ed, Corporate, Society, Government, and Military. Nowhere else is there an opportunity to share expertise and stories with so many accomplished people doing so many interesting things with games and simulations.”

Mitch Weisburgh, Managing Partner Academic Business Advisors, LLC

“I think the conference was great. I learned so much. I’m in; I want to learn more. And I’d love to remain involved—or be more involved—with the conference in the future.”

Fraser Stowe, Instructional Design Team, University Without Walls - Online Learning, University of Massachusetts

“I like to come to Serious Play for the networking. Being able to meet and coordinate with other like-minded individuals really helps me come up with new ideas and I learn novel ways to go about things. I also love presenting at the conference because the feedback I get is more valuable than most of the feedback I receive from at my institution, given the expertise of the Serious Play community when it comes to teaching and gameful design.”

Lorin Grieve, PharmD Pharmacy and Therapeutics Instructor - University of Pittsburgh - School of Pharmacy

“I go to a lot of conferences, and I keep in touch with more people from Serious Play than any other conference.”

Fortune 500 Executive

“I’ve attended the Serious Play Conference for the past three years and it never disappoints. I always learn something new! I use games to make my lessons for students more engaging – and now I’m helping other teachers learn how to include them in their classes.”

Alex Norton, Middle School Technology Teacher

“I learned a huge amount from the conference but more than that I was able to find an academic to work with for IRB support, so I’ll be able to develop a game that I had wanted to make for a very long time.”

Taylor McCue, Indie Developer