Paul Lopushinsky

Paul Lopushinsky


Creating A More Playful Framework For the Workplace

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Paul Lopushinsky is the founder of Playficient, a consultancy that helps organizations make employees their greatest investment. This is achieved by offering the following services to organizations:

• Improving the employee onboarding experience.
• Using design thinking to improve the employee experience.
• Creating more playful places that look beyond surface-level perks and ping-pong tables.

Coming from a user experience and product management background in the tech industry, Paul spent years working on the user experience for customers and their onboarding process for software products. However, Paul found that most organizations he worked at spent little to no time investing in their employee onboarding experience, and their employee experience. He only worked at one organization that spent time and resources investing into the employee onboarding experience and the employee experience, and it made a vast difference in his time at that organization.

Paul eventually decided to take these ideas and concepts from his work in user experience, and apply it into the world of the employee experience.