Manuel Arrieta

Manuel Arrieta

Ens Universalis Desarrollo Integral S.C., Mexico

Psychology Degree, Master and Doctoral Degree in Existential Psychotherapy (Honorable Mention). Specialization in Criminalistics, Criminology, Coaching, Addictions, Social Exclusion, Gestalt Phenomenological Psychodrama, Sales, Business Administration, Project Manager and Certified Consultant.

15 years of experience in individual and group psychotherapy, as well as post-graduate teaching and various workshops with various topics such as: Effective management, management skills development, leadership, decision making and problem solving, teamwork, productivity, effective communication, analytical interview, competency interview, instructor and coaching training, emotional intelligence applied in the workplace, measurement indicators KPI, labor relations, negotiation, sales techniques for professional sales.

CURRENTLY (Feb 2014 – to date)
Owner EUDI (Consulting, Consulting and Training)

EUDI SC is a company based in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. Legally constituted with the purpose of generating programs of education, human and business development with a humanistic foundation based on a sustainable methodology for any company or institution that requires it.

Spanish Native language, English 85% spoken, written and read.