Elisa Navarro Chinchilla

Elisa Navarro Chinchilla

Gargamel Studio

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Elisa Navarro Chinchilla – Gargamel Studio



Founder and game designer

Educational Video Game developer, she founded Gargamel Estudio with more than 23 games for companies and organizations such as United Nations, MUAC, Philharmonic Orchestra of the National University, Televisa, Children Museum Papalote, amongst others. Convinced of the power of games in collaborative learning and games for unprivileged contexts, she has received several national funds in Mexico to create educational experiences with technology: alternate games in schools and digital literacy workshops. She received her MA from the Institute of Education at UCL, UK, with Gunther Kress as tutor. Her last game, Chuka: break the silence (chukagame.com), is a game for socio emotional learning  to prevent violence, developed for the Education for Justice initiative of the UNODC.