Dennis Glenn

Dennis Glenn

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DePaul University

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Dennis Glenn, MFA
Adjunct Professor: DePaul University Graduate School for New Learning
President, Dennis Glenn LLC

His company creates 3D interactive virtual patients for the medical industry that assess the cognitive decision-making abilities of surgeons, doctors and nurses. Dennis has taught at Northwestern University, Columbia College, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and DePaul’s Graduate School for New Learning where he currently teaches two courses; Mastery Learning Using Serious Games and Enabling Social Media for Learning and Assessment.

As a consultant to many corporations and educational organizations, Dennis Glenn has designed learning systems, curricula, business plans, for synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. In 2001, he joined Northwestern University’s School of Communication as Assistant Dean and Director of the Distributed Learning Center. Glenn’s research centered on learning styles and the development of interactive learning environments that individualize instruction over broadband networks.

In 2007, Glenn left the university to consult with healthcare institution on the development of interactive cloud-based learning and assessment solutions that demonstrate mastery.

Glenn is a sought-after speaker at numerous conferences each year, including the Society for Simulations in Healthcare, Learning Solutions, Serious Play Conferences, ASTD International Conference, ASTD TechConference, Distance Learning Conference, Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Internet2 Meetings, E-Learn Conference, Educause and the Workforce Performance conference.


  •                                                        Director’s Guild of America
  •                                                        American Society for Training and Development
  •                                                        Society for Simulations in Healthcare
  •                                                        Serious Games Conference