Bernard François

Bernard François

Preview Labs

VR Prototyping: Best Practices

Bernard François, in 2010, decided to combine his passion for game design and game programming by starting the first company dedicated to the development of prototypes using game technology: PreviewLabs, in Wetteren, Belgium.

PreviewLabs turns ideas into interactive prototypes, enabling clients to explore multiple concepts. By using these prototypes, clients are able to play, test, and pitch any early ideas, ultimately help them to be more successful developing new products.

As PreviewLabs nears its tenth anniversary, Bernard has overseen the development of prototypes for over 200 different concepts, for clients including Walt Disney Imagineering, Google, and Yale University, but also a large amount of startups seeking to develop new products. In 2016, Bernard established PreviewLabs’ US office, which is based in Milford, Connecticut.