XR – 2018-2023 Worldwide Mixed Reality Learning Market

Metaari’s 2018-2023 Worldwide Mixed Reality Learning Market

Analyst Predicts Revenues Will More than Double by 2023

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Metaari’s 2018-2023 Worldwide Mixed Reality Learning Market Executive Overview [pdf]

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Profound Innovation and Transformation

The growth rate for Mixed Reality Learning across the planet is a healthy 15.9% and revenues will surge to $9.9 billion by 2023. The revenues are heavily concentrated in North America and Asia Pacific throughout the forecast period.

Mixed Reality (MR) is defined as an integration of simulation, location-based learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the biophysical environment along an immersion spectrum. This immersion spectrum is described in the Mixed Reality Immersion Spectrum section of this overview. Mixed reality often referred to as XR.

This is an evidence-based quantitative report. A great deal of effort has been made to identify suppliers competing in the 122 countries tracked by Metaari. This report identifies the companies that operate in specific countries and regions; it also identifies the types of products they sell and their primary customers.

This report also identifies specific buyers by company, academic organization, and/or government agency providing suppliers with potential sales leads. This provides invaluable insight on the top buyers across the globe, the best-selling products, and the most successful suppliers.

The global market for Mixed Reality Learning is in the midst of profound innovation and transformation (if not outright disruption). These innovations are exponential in the sense that they are not small incremental linear innovations common to traditional products; they are fundamentally new types of learning products. The one common characteristic of these new learning technologies is that they enable real-time performance improvement.

In educational psychology, there are two phases of the learning process: knowledge transfer and learning transfer. Knowledge transfer is the transmission of information and skills to the learner. Learning transfer is the ability of the learner to demonstrate mastery in a real world setting. Next-generation Mixed Reality products (particularly the new augmented performance support products on the market) effectively accomplish both phases simultaneously.

Speaker bio:

Sam S. Adkins is the co-founder and Chief Research Officer at Metaari. Sam has been providing market research on the global learning technology industry for over twenty-five years. Sam is a quantitative research expert and specializes in identifying revenue opportunities for suppliers.

Sam is the only analyst in the industry that focuses exclusively on learning technology trends in over 100 countries across all the major customer segments including business, government, academic, healthcare, and consumer. Sam provides clients with tangible data on addressable revenues including product revenue forecasts, emerging market analyses, competitive market shares, and revenue growth strategies.

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