2018-2023 Global Game-based Learning Market


2018-2023 Global Game-based Learning Market

2018-2023 Global Game-based Learning Market

Analyst Predicts Global Game-Based Learning Industry To Hit $17 Billion by 2023;
2018 Report Outlines Catalysts Driving Market, Provides Demand + Supply Side Analyses
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Adkins provided revenue forecasts for the 2018-2023 global game-based learning market in an evidence-based quantitative report at Serious Play Conference, July 10-12, 2018 at University of Central Florida. His presentation will include an analysis of the catalysts driving the market as well as a five-year demand and supply-side analysis, providing developers and publishers with the ability to choose high-yielding opportunities.

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“The serious games industry is in a period of transformation, due to fundamentally new and innovative learning products,” Adkins says. “Startups incorporating new technologies are attracting significant amounts of investment and entering the market at a rapid rate. As a result, legacy learning technology suppliers are finding themselves ill-equipped to compete with these new companies.”
Revenues for game-based learning are heavily concentrated in the Asia Pacific region and North America, which currently account for 80% of all global revenue for games for learning and training. The growth rate for educational games used in schools and companies in the U.S.is a robust 47.6%.
Metaari provides revenue forecasts for 7 regions, 39 countries and 8 buying segments and identifies the leading companies – more than 900 educational game developers competing in the 122 countries – as well as distributors and licensing companies. The report is the most granular analysis of the global competitive landscape for serious games ever published.
Buying segments analyzed in the report include consumers, three academic sub-segments (preschools, primary schools and secondary schools) tertiary and higher education institutions, federal government agencies, provincial/state/prefecture and local government agencies and corporations and businesses.
Investment starting flowing heavily into the market just two years ago. Metaari identified $1.7 billion in funding for educational game companies globally in 2016 and 2017. The report identifies major investors and the companies acquired.
The report has 364 pages, 105 forecast tables, and 17 charts. A Table of Content is attached below this release.

Speaker bio:
Sam S. Adkins is the co-founder and Chief Research Officer at Metaari. Sam has been providing market research on the global learning technology industry for over twenty-five years. Sam is a quantitative research expert and specializes in identifying revenue opportunities for suppliers.

Sam is the only analyst in the industry that focuses exclusively on learning technology trends in over 100 countries across all the major customer segments including business, government, academic, healthcare, and consumer. Sam provides clients with tangible data on addressable revenues including product revenue forecasts, emerging market analyses, competitive market shares, and revenue growth strategies.

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