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10 Year Old Girl Wins Gold Medal from Serious Play For Escape Game Made Out of a Backpack

10 Year Old Girl Wins Gold Medal from Serious Play
For Escape Game Made Out of a Backpack

Gold Medals were

LOS ANGELES – October 8, 2019 – A 10 year old girl from XX, France, has won a Gold Medal in the International Serious Play Awards for an Escape Game she made out of her school backpack.

Lili Guyat-Michel doesn’t like doing homework because it isn’t as much fun as the interactivity of a school classroom.  So she decided to turn homework into a game, using her backpack.  It’s called “The Mysterious Cartable” (Cartable means schoolbag in French).  The game invites students to “escape” from their homework by solving clues, all the while completing school assignments.

Lili designed a prototype for her escape game using pens, paper, glue, scissors, a diary, a ruler and other items used in an elementary school as clues.  Children must….to ….

School supplier and stationary supplier Maped has asked her to design a whole collection of escape games, using a backpack as the “box” or container for the game.

Lili has plans to launch a website to help other kids and teachers develop their own games.  She has also opened a site to fundraise for her project – a full-fledged entrepreneur at a tender age. Donations can be made at XXXXX.

During a session at Serious Play Conference-Montreal in July, Lili explained how she launched her project and asked K12 teachers to test the game.  The result:  A Gold Medal for her entry.

Serious Play offers award competitions for student games as well as professional digital and tabletop games.  For more information on award categories and deadlines, go to www.seriousplayconf.com and try the pull down on Awards.

Lili has her own website (in French) but will soon offer the site in English.  Learn more about her cartable project, go to: www.themysteriouscartable.com

For more information, go to www.seriousplayconf.com.

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