Learning Tabletop Games Award Program. Entries in the International Serious Play Awards for Tabletop Games will be due May 1. At this time, we are only able to accept tabletop games in English.

  • Large Studio (25+) / Corporation/ Medical Institution/ Publisher – $350
  • Mid-sized Studio (10+) – $300
  • Museum/Visitor Center/University/Non Profit/NGO – $250
  • Independent Studio (9 or fewer employees) – $200
  • Ed Tech Teacher, Individual $150
  • College, High School Student – $150

After the deadline, awards can be submitted for another week for the entry fee plus an additional charge of $100.

If you submit a tabletop game, you will need to send two copies of your entry to this year’s conference site to be judged. Please write the name of the submitting studio/university/company AND the NAME of the game on external packaging containing your game.

If you want your game returned, you will need to send pre-paid packaging along with your tabletop game. In the case of heavy or expensive games, contact the executive director: sue@seriousplayconf.com

Note: The shipping address for tabletop games will be sent to you after your entry form and payment are received.

Game play must be able to be evaluated in 2 hours. Instructor-led games must be approved in advance. Contact the conference director: sue@seriousplayconf.com
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
This should be the address where games would need to be returned. Note: games will NOT be returned unless you include container and pre-paid postage/shipping cost.