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Leslie R. Robinson

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Leslie R. Robinson is a psychotherapist and the inventor of the games the Keep It Real game and Keep It Real Diverse (Diversity) game.  Spawned from her many years of work with adolescents, young adults, adults and families, Keep It Real was created as a forum to provide profound dialogue, trust, connection and transformation.

It is an interactive communication board game that provides a safe space for people to explore and share their beliefs, feelings, memories, reflections, struggles and dreams out loud. Presently, the Keep It Real Diverse game is being utilized to build bridges and connections across differences by approximately 1,000 colleges and universities, 200 Boys & Girls Clubs and youth programs, numerous organizations.

Leslie has been a Program Director for at-risk youth in the South Bronx.  For six years, she created, implemented and supervised long-term intensive arts and after-school programs in inner city schools for at-risk youth, and for two years pioneered a poetry project at Rikers Island Correctional Facilities for Men and Women.  She was  a Consultant for the foster care system for 20 years, supervised residences for homeless young adults, worked with the schizophrenic population in homeless shelters, and worked in an emergency shelter for runaway youth.  A former adjunct professor in literature and writing at the College of New Rochelle, Leslie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

In 2009, Leslie founded Trance4mation Games, a company formed as the overall company for her Keep It Real brand, Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront and RECHARGE Beyond the Bars Re-Entry games.  Leslie’s Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront is an evidence-based reintegration communication game designed for soldiers and other military personnel and their families and friends.  It has been heralded by hundreds of veterans across all branches of the military as a valuable and indispensable forum that allows for open communication and reintegration, specifically when soldiers return home after tours of duty away from their families.

RECHARGE Beyond the Bars Re-Entry Game, was created in 2013, to help formerly incarcerated people reintegrate into their families and communities, as well as to process their incarceration experience.  This game is presently being utilized in re-entry programs in and outside of prisons, mentoring programs, work release programs, by cognitive-behavioral therapists, in prison literacy programs, life skills programs, by families, in prison visits, by church and faith-based organizations, in classrooms, by Social Workers, and many more. In partnership with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, prisoner-led Recharge Reentry programs launched in 12 prisons throughout Ohio.

For two years, Leslie was a Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Speaker, presenting to Service Members and their families nationwide. She was honored for her work by the President of Nasdaq, by ringing the closing bell at Nasdaq Marketsite on December 30, 2014. http://youtu.be/F0TG6qtT_wI . Leslie has developed and facilitated workshops on leadership development, diversity and inclusion, professional development, veteran reintegration and service learning on college campuses nationwide. Her areas of expertise are: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Team Building, Veteran Reintegration, Empowerment, Professional Development, Resiliency and Mental Health.  She hosted a national Diversity Webinar attended by over 300 colleges in November 2013, and a Keep It Real Webinar attended by over 200 participants in July, 2014.  She has appeared on Al Jazeera America , on the Security Brief on Reelz T.V (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG066thvx4Q ) and on numerous national radio broadcasts.

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