May 7, 2019

Investment in Serious Games for Education and Training More than Doubled in 2018;
More than $2.25 Billion, Worldwide, Went to 133 Companies. Market Booming: Metaari

LOS ANGELES – May 7, 2019 — Investment in game-based learning companies had a sharp uptick in 2018. More than $2.25 billion, worldwide, according to Metaari, a Seattle-based analyst firm covering the serious games industry exclusively.

The jump in cash flow to serious games companies was a sharp contrast to 2017, when companies reported $948.2 million in investment. The number of companies receiving investment went down, from 150 to 133 as funding levels per developer were higher.

Most of the firms reporting outside funding in 2018 were consumer-facing or academic-facing companies. Nineteen produce training games for the corporate market. The single largest segment for investors was preschool games.

Interestingly, investors sometimes chose to invest in products late in the product lifecycle.

“Products go through what is known as a product lifecycle, characterized by revenue decline, as buyers start to purchase newer products. But this is not happening in game-based learning market,” explains Sam Adkins, CEO, Metaari. “Good game-based learning products enjoy a much longer life cycle than most technology products. As a product type, game-based learning as a category has effectively leveled up.”

Metaari’s full report on the serious games industry will cover buying trends in the consumer market; preschools, primary and secondary schools; tertiary and higher education institutions; government agencies and corporations. The study will include a detailed demand-side and supply-side analysis for the U.S. along with information on more than 2000 companies producing education and training products.

Adkins will share details and graphs from Metaari’s new 5-year Global Game-based Learning Market Report for 2019-2024 at Serious Play Conference in Orlando on Friday, July 26, 2019.

Registration for the three-day serious games conference is now open at https://seriousplay-ucf.com/passes-prices/

In August, the full 100 + page report will be for sale under the research tab at http://seriousplayconf.com/

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