April 23, 2018


Brett Leonard, Visionary Film Director Who Coined the Term and Introduced
the Idea of “Virtual Reality,” To Key Note Serious Play Conference at University at Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY – April 23, 2018 — Brett Leonard, CEO of Studio Light Ship and visionary film director, producer and digital media and Virtual Reality (VR) futurist, will keynote Serious Play Conference NY at the University at Buffalo, July 17-19, 2018.

A thought-leader in virtual reality since he introduced the concept in his seminal hit science-fiction film Lawnmower Man, Leonard is largely responsible for bringing the term into popular culture.

Leonard, a master story teller, will talk about: Building Worlds: A New Process for Content Creation in the Era of Virtual Experience.

“The explosion of virtual experience technology has the potential to transform every business and market vertical on the globe,” Leonard, says. “Technologists and creators now need to consider an entirely new paradigm of process in the creation of Virtual Worlds. VR may become the most powerful medium ever devised.”

Serious Play Conference is a gathering of thought leaders in the fast-developing world of game and simulation-based learning, Serious games employ the engaging characteristics of video games but are designed with learning objectives and measurement tools and are used for education and training.

For more information on Serious Play Conference UB, go to www.seriousplay-montreal.com

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Executive Director
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